Mt William Walkway

August 2015.

We have been in hibernation as the wt winter has turned the local tracks in to muddy slippy thing and we have also been overseas. At the end of August we ventured out again and headed south from Auckland. Just over the Bombay Hills take the highway towards the Coromandel and then turn left to the start of the Mt William walkway.

CaptureThis is just a short walk but is a welcome start to getting out and about. The track starts at the end of a gravel road and crosses some paddocks before entering a DoC reserve. The reserve is heavily bushed and the track was extremely muddy when we were there. Steep steps, some clambering up and over tree roots and a few falls saw us onto the bush edge and then through more paddocks to the top. The view are outstanding, north towards Auckland, south towards hamilton and east towards the Coromandel. All very enticing and with hints of more walks to come.

By the time we had reached the summit and walked onto the other end of the track the clouds were rolling in. We scurried back the way we had come and just got back to the car in time. A lovely three hours.


We returned to the walkway in October 2015, the end of a trip to the Waitako to walk some more of Te Araroa. This time, we drove up Nikau Road and walked the 2.5km across farmland and reached the top. This is a lovely walk across springy grass and roll farm land. Gentle ups and downs lead around the ridge and to the trig point on the top. The views north and south are wonderful and we could pick out most of our Te Araroroa trial from the previous two days.20151026_101929


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