Onehunga: Urban redevelopment

Sometimes Auckland Council get something very right and the work they have down around Onehunga is one example of this. The Onehunga lagoon is met on Te Araroa as you end the Coast to Coast and head out towards the airport. It used to be a mess but it is now rather delightful.

20160213_150343.jpgThere is a lovely bridge linking the lagoon to the sea shore and this are has been transformed from a derelict area into a beach and recreation area which was very busy last weekend (February 2016). Families were swimming in the sea, kayaks were out in the harbour and the boat ramp was busy as boats came in and out for fishing, water-skiing and kneeboarding.

20160213_145601We walked across the bridge and did a circuit around the area, no more than a couple of km in all. Perhaps the best thing was the number of birds in and around the water. This is a key area for migrant birds as they fly north or south. The isthmus has the Tasman on the West and the Pacific on the East, which means one or other always has the tide out, providing lots of food for the birds.