The seven summits of Auckland

Auckland is built on rather a lot of volcanoes and a trip round a few of them provides a nice counterbalance to the rather more challenging seven summits which are the top of each continent.


There are probably lots of variants on this trip which are all as equally as good. Here is ours, which starts off with breakfast in Mt Eden and a car park by the tennis club. We climbed Mt Eden. Mt Hobson, Mt St John, One Tree Hill, Three Kings, Mt Roskill and finally Mt Albert before taking a train back to Mt Eden and the car.


The great thing about Auckland is the parks and each volcano is one of these. Some are tiny, like Mt St Johnston, others are huge and full of people (One Tree Hill) and others are in between, enjoyed by the locals for a breath of fresh air and some great views.

We met a friend who I had not seen for months at the top of Mt Albert and it was great to see Nicky Glasgow and her son. It is unexpected moments like this together with the fresh air and the sunshine that make Auckland city walks so special